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Gluten-free and vegan veggie chips


120 calories per serving, no saturated or trans fat, 0 cholesterol, only 3% sodium, more than half of the carbs are fiber, 4 grams protein. These are the real deal all-natural snacks veggie chips.

You know you are about to indulge in a guilt-free, delicious snack when the first ingredient listed is green peas. Do not let this fact deter you, for these all-natural, gluten-free, vegan veggie chips are truly amazing. They are my new favorite snack. As shown in the picture, these chips are so much healthier than regular potato chips, or other veggie chips. The only fat in these chips is the “good kind” of fat. As an added plus, each bag is one and a half servings of vegetables! That was what shocked me most. These veggie chips are light and crisp, a very satisfying snack or lunch accompaniment.

These gluten-free veggie chips are crunchy and satisfying. They are filling for a chip snack and a food I would recommend any day. You can eat so many for just a small amount of calories. So go indulge in some of these delicious chips, you won’t regret it!