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6 Weeks Isn’t Too Bad…


I feel like I was just writing my Beach Blog Break post, but I must make a similar post again, now. One week was bad enough, but I hate to say that I will be away for the following 6 weeks. Gasp! I know, tragic. But…I have gathered and created many recipes that I hope will satisfy bloggers everywhere, and that I will return to high site visit stats, likes, comments, and who knows what! I love blogging and cooking, and will be back as soon as possible.

Let me leave you with these notes:

Make the most of your summer. Cook in your spare time. Get with friends. Be with your family. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Make use of your spare time…every minute. Even if what you really need is just a nap, do it. But get outside and do the things you love (which may keep you inside!).

Everyone have a great 4th of July as well! Oh! That reminds me, I occasionally go on Pinterest and saw a great 4th of July idea. I highly encourage you to check it out because it is so cool and delicious looking, and that’s coming from me, someone who isn’t the biggest fan of sweets.

Until 6 weeks from now!

Beach Blog Break


I know this post is not truly necessary, but I just wanted to let any readers out there know that I will not be posting for at least a week, because I am going out-of-town to the BEACH! Hopefully I will post in the following week. While I’m on the topic of not being able to post…I am tremendously sorry to say I will not be able to post for most of the summer after that, because I will be out-of-town without computer access. So I hope that everyone has a bright, sunny, and cheerful summer and that you get some delicious and wonderful cooking squeezed in!

Some quick summer to-do’s:

  • Have a cook-out…can’t go wrong there. Have some friends and neighbors over and grill some yummy food. You could also try out some recipes on your friends and family!
  • Spend a day at the beach…if you live close to one, it’s always fun to just pack the car, spend a day on the beach, and come home at night.
  • Go outside…simple and vague, but I mean just that. Summer is so nice, so don’t waste any spare moments you have. Ride a bike, take a walk, have a picnic, get together with old friends, whatever. Just enjoy the sunshine and warm weather!

Happy Summer!