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Breakfast and Flowers on Mother’s Day



Happy Mother’s Day! For mother’s day, I usually pick some flowers for my mom and make her breakfast. And a card! I like to write my mom a poem each Mother’s Day. I love picking fresh flowers from our backyard because it is so much more meaningful.

But what do I make my mom for breakfast when…

I am out of her cereal…and oatmeal, and grits, and bread, and sausage, and any sort of her favorite, normal breakfast foods? I make pancakes! Today I made some of My Favorite Pancakes, so we could all have them, and I made sure to get some pictures this time as well! I also added some delectable blackberries on the side, which were so yummy and fresh! I love pancakes because they are delicious and easy, but also because you can make cool and fun shapes with them, as you can see below. I made a heart-shaped pancake for my mom. And if you can’t tell, that was supposed to be ‘gf’ as in gluten free. I also made shapes including my own initials and “abstract blobs,” which is the best I can do to describe some of my more interesting shapes, a.k.a. the shapes that just didn’t turn out like they were supposed to. But no matter how they look, these pancakes always taste amazing in the end!


I must add, you do not have to use Arrowhead Mills pancake mix for this. The recipe is general and any pancake mix will work. Also, if you only want to make a couple of gluten free pancakes, you can just cover your bowl of batter and stick it in the fridge for the next day! Or make some leftovers while everything is still out.

Pictures: Pamela’s Biscuits


Crepes the other day, biscuits today. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I love a good breakfast! I’ve never liked to make huge lunches, and dinner is good, but I really love breakfast foods. Like I said, I made some more biscuits today for the family and myself, so I can finally post some pics. I think my next big breakfast will be biscuits from scratch, but that might be in a week or so, because I’m almost out of rice flour and just went to the grocery store. Also, I was in a bit of a hurry this morning, getting ready for church (Happy Easter,btw!) so I cheated by melting the butter, instead of tediously cutting it into the flour. Guess what? It worled SPLENDIDLY, and they tasted the exact same and had the same texture and everything. I will definitely be doing that from now on. Who says short cuts never work? This one sure does!

Find my recipe for Pamela’s Biscuits here. They will not disappoint!


“Goldfish” Part 2 – Pictures!


Today I made my favorite snack, again. If you remeber, this recipe is made in 4 batches. In the first batch, I made them thinner than I had the first time I made this recipe, wondering if I could get it to be like a crunchy goldfish or cheeze-it. However, After I had tried a couple, I realized I like the ones that aren’t quite as done and that have a little puff (a slight crunch, but not crunchy. The other three batches were perfect, and now I know the perfect way to cook my “goldfish.” (Find my original post here and the recipe here at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom.)

Also, after the discovery of my perfect cracker, I wondered if I could cook the 4 balls of dough into cheese rolls (or 8 smaller ones). Just something to try/think about…

Below I have a few pictures from my second round of “goldfish.” Some are of the crackers just put in the oven, and some are the finished product (nom nom nom!). The oven pictures are each 1 dough ball. The last picture is of (part of) the fourth batch in a zipblock bag. These delicious snacks taste great fresh, but they are also perfect for saving for later. Note: I have only saved these for the following day, so I don’t know exactly how long they will keep for.