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Fajita or Quesadilla on the Panini Maker


When I think quesadilla, I always imagine a cheese quesadilla, with the cheese oozing out and stretching when I bite into it. Because other than adding some chicken occasionally, the only quesadillas I eat are cheese. When I think of fajitas, I imagine stuffing the tortillas with as much cheese, vegetables, chicken, and other fillings as possible without breaking the tortilla or making it explode. In conclusion: I consider anything more than cheese, and maybe some chicken, in tortillas a fajita. They really are very similar. Let me add in here that you can make this completely vegetarian by omitting the chicken.

Last night I had fajitas for dinner, and for lunch today I made a delicious quesadilla, both on my family’s Panini maker. The great thing about a Panini maker is you can cook almost anything on it, and quickly too. It doesn’t alter the taste of whatever you are cooking, or if it does, not in a negative way. I have made quesadillas and fajitas, but I have also cooked grilled cheeses, sandwiches, steak, and am planning on experimenting with other types of foods and even batters on it.

For the tortilla, I always use La Tortilla Factory. I have looked for the Mission Corn Tortillas in the past, but none of my stores ever have them. I’m okay with that, however, because the La Tortilla Factory tortillas are so delicious. The only downside (if it’s even a bad thing) is they are HUGE. I mean, they are about 12 inches in diameter or so, so I usually only use them in halves. That is actually a positive thing, though, because each package only comes with 6 tortillas. Oh well, they are very yummy, and they don’t break or crumble. La Tortilla Factory tortillas are just like wheat tortillas, with none of the expected gluten free issues. You can roll them with no problems.

One thing I absolutely love about fajitas and quesadillas is they are SO easy and quick, even without a Panini maker. They are also great for getting rid of left overs.


  • 1-2 tortillas, gluten free (I use La Tortilla Factory)
  • Cheese
  • Pepper/onion mix, sliced (I like to leave the onions out)
  • Chicken, precooked
  • Any additional veggies/fillings you desire
  • Olive oil (to brush on top of tortillas)
  • Sour cream, salsa, guacamole or other fajita toppings ( I actually use cottage cheese because it is healthier than sour cream an d, in my opinion, tastier)


  • Place a large frying pan on the stove top and dump in your veggies and chicken. Turn the temperature to about medium high. Once veggies and chicken begin to sizzle, stir them around until the fajita mixture is done.
  • Meanwhile, plug in your Panini maker or prepare another pan to cook your fajita.
  • Once fillings are finished cooking, put your desired amount (not too much or the tortillas might get soggy or break) on the tortilla. Fold the tortilla over and lightly cover the top with olive oil. Place fajita on the Panini maker and quickly brush a small amount of olive oil on the other side (If you are using two tortillas, put the fillings on one and cover with the other, and make sure to put a little olive oil on both sides).
  • Cook fajita for about 2 minutes.
  • Cut into slices, fold, or roll and ENJOY.

FOR QUESADILLA: Just cover one tortilla well with a single but generous layer of cheese, about an inch from the edges (don’t need more than that), and place second tortilla on top (or break one in half). Then cook the same way as the fajita on the Panini maker. If you do not have a Panini maker, you can also bake your quesadilla (which I actually like better if I have the time). That was my first original recipe, because it is so easy. You can find that post HERE.

Pizza Panini or Sandwich


Recently, my family has acquired a Panini maker, which we use often and for numerous foods. We make tons of different Paninis, including grilled cheese and cheese, chicken, and pesto, and we’ve even cooked steak on it once. I am tempted to see if it would work with pancake batter…hm. But another thing I love to make in the Panini maker is a pizza Panini. A simple, easy and quick recipe that is so delicious.

You could also make this yummy sandwich on the stove top, like a grilled cheese, if you do not possess a Panini maker. Just set the temperature to about medium high and make sure the cheese melts before the bread is done (turn heat down if necessary). I have included a few options in the cooking instructions for cooking methods.

I’ve mentioned before that I prefer less sauce on my pizzas, and the same is true here. One tablespoon probably does not seem like very much, but even if you love sauce, I would not recommend exceeding one tablespoon because the bread could get soggy and for a sandwich, you really don’t need much. I even used a little less than a tablespoon and still got a very saucy flavor. It wasn’t bad, I just wouldn’t use more.

One last note: My Panini was not burned or over-done, I just used an end piece of bread and forgot to get a good photo of the other side (with the non-end piece) before I devoured the whole thing. But it should be browned and have cheese just about oozing out of the sides (even if you don’t use a lot).


  • 2 pieces of you favorite GF bread (I use Udis)
  • 1 tbsp (approx) pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese, sliced (based on personal preference)
  • 4-6 pepperonis (optional)
  • Any additional, optional, desired pizza toppings (precooked, mostly)
  • Olive oil


  • Cover each piece of bread with half the pizza sauce.
  • Arrange cheese so that it completely covers bread (but don’t go over the edge).
  • Arrange pepperonis evenly over cheese as well as any additional toppings (optional).
  • You have your sandwich, now lightly brush olive oil on one side and
    • put sandwich, oil side down, on a frying pan to cook like a grilled cheese (about medium-high heat).
    • cook sandwich in a Panini maker (this what I do).
    • cook in a grilled cheese maker.
  • Cook sandwich according to your preferred option.
  • Serve immediately for best results (cheese is still melty and stretches…yum!)

NOTE: This can also just be a pizza sandwich…you don’t have to cook it. Just heat your pepperonis/toppings up in the microwave (or not, depending) and dig in! So if you don’t feel like cooking or doing dishes, you can still enjoy this delicious meal!