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Cucumber Sandwich


Today I simply did not feel like cooking – I just wasn’t in the mood. On top of that, I did not exactly have a stocked fridge or pantry. All I wanted was a nice, simple sandwich. No cooking. Not even a grilled cheese, because that would have involved cooking the sandwich. I was about to settle for my typical, common lazy lunch of a cheese sandwich and cucumbers (yes, I actually make a yummy cheese sandwich quite often as a quick and easy lunch). I had cut my cucumbers when I wondered…what would cucumbers on bread taste like? Don’t ask why that thought crossed my mind, I have no idea myself. I just saw the two foods sitting side by side. Naturally I took a cucumber and tried a bite.

It was delicious.

I put the cheese away almost immediately (after cutting a quick slice to munch on) and instead made a cucumber sandwich. Healthier and about the same on my delicious scale (I love cheese sandwiches). All this “recipe” requires is two slices of bread and some cucumbers to cover the bread. Done. Eat. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Cucumber and COTTAGE CHEESE sandwich…nom. Or, as a quick snack, literally a cucumber sandiwch: 2 cucumbers with some cottage cheese in the middle!

Simply Cucumbers!


I’ve mentioned before how one of my favorite snacks are a few cucumbers with some sea salt. Well here is a post and some pics dedicated to them. This is something that can be done in seconds, and something you can pig out on without having that guilty I-just-ate-so-much feeling. This is most likely the simplest recipe you will find on my blog. Do not pass it up just because it is green and healthy. Cucumbers are actually so delicious!

Your only ingredients: A cucumber and some sea salt.

Your only instructions: Slice cucumbers, sprinkle a tiny pinch of salt over each cucumber, and enjoy!

Delicious. Do-able. DONE.

(The salt in the picture above is regular table salt…I was out of sea salt when I had these, and I have to say the sea salt makes a difference. I highly recommend you use it if you can.)

Simple Salad


Salads are great as appetizers, a main course, or a snack to munch on. I love them–caesar salads especially. But I also love throwing everything healthy and green in my fridge together. Salads are so easy and delicious, not to mention healthy. One of favorite snacks is actually a dozen cucumber slices lightly salted. Cucumbers specifically are a fave of mine. There is nothing better than sitting down and just snacking, but not feeling bad about it afterwards.

Anyway, here is my typical salad:

  • Fresh lettuce leaves (not bagged salad)
  • Red and yellow pepper
  • Cucumbers
  • Some sort of nut (almonds or pecans)
  • GF homemade crutons
  • *Some ingredients I’ve used in the past, but just not regularly include: apples, avocado, parmesan cheese, and goat cheese, but you can add any additional items you want
  • *Chicken, cold or heated (omit for vegetarian option)
  • NOTE: I’ve never liked dressings, so going GF wasn’t hard there, but I know that there are some GF dressings out there

I plan on making one of these tomorrow, so I will post a picture then.