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Oatmeal Pancakes Revisited


I have a former post, Simply Oatmeal Pancakes, that literally only uses oats, water, and an egg. That was me mixing up my breakfast. Now, however, I have taken things a step (or a few steps) further. The other day I was randomly craving pancakes. I just made a delicious mac and cheese dish, so I didn’t want the unhealthy (albeit yummy) bready pancakes. So I wondered if I could come up with a healthier option, with fewer calories. I then wondered if I could make oatmeal pancakes, something I had thought about before but never really tried. I went online to try to find a good recipe or at least some inspiration, and was thoroughly disappointed. All the recipes I found used honey or sugar or other sweeteners, or they used flour. I wanted a clean, flourless option. So what do I do when there is no recipe available? Make my own!


Oats. Obviously, check. An egg, milk, and oil. Normal pancake ingredients, check. Cottage cheese. An interesting addition for added protein and calcium, check. Blender. The wonderful magic bullet, check. (For anyone worried about adding the cottage cheese, have no fear; I was skeptical too, at first, but wanted to try it. As you’ll find, I was not disappointed. The cottage cheese has no overwhelming effect whatsoever, likely due to the fact that it is not the “cheesiest” cheeses.)


I mixed/blended everything up, set up my frying pan, and crossed my fingers (mentally, at least) as I scooped a little batter onto the pan. A couple of minutes later I was biting into my first-ever, real, oatmeal pancake. Yum. Delicious. Success! The light and very satisfying and filling pancakes were amazing. Next time I might cut back on the oil just a tiny bit (it didn’t taste bad, but the fact that I could single out the taste made it a bit distracting). These pancakes were everything I had hoped for. Now, if you want a lighter pancake option but still want a classic, “breadier” taste, add a quarter cup or so of gluten-free flour (adjust milk/water accordingly; you should be fine with just one egg). Me? I’m fine with these guys the way they are!


Oatmeal Pancakes

(makes 11-12 3-4 inch pancakes)


  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 c milk (or water, if you prefer)
  • 1/4 c cottage cheese
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil


  • Prep a pan with non-stick spray (I use Pam) and set aside.
  • Mix wet ingredients (including egg) separate from dry, then blend everything together (literally blend…I used a magic bullet blender)
  • Blend for a bit, then stir everything up to make sure all the mixture is being blended well.
  • Next, turn stove top on medium heat (no higher, as the oatmeal pancakes cook FAST)
  • Use a large spoon (or whatever) to scoop the batter out. (My pancakes were each 3-4 inches)
  • Cook until the edges are done, then flip. These cooked so much faster than I expected, so do not leave your station!
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!
This recipe is a total of 580 total calories, so you can easily eat half the batch, along with some fruit or something, for only about 300 calories. I put the rest of my pancakes in the fridge for tomorrow’s breakfast, but they would make great little snacks as well, I think.