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Celiac in the City


Today I discovered a great gluten free blog, Celiac in the City. I spent about a half hour browsing through all the wonderful posts. There are amazing recipes, tips, reviews, and pictures. This is a great, simple blog that has so much to offer. I love the detailed photos and thoughful comments, as well as the Dining Out page. This is definitely a blog I will be following.

Celiac in the City skillfully posts about everything. The recipes make my mouth water and, as cliche as it sounds, they make me want to try new things. For example, the Quinoa Cakes – Pizza Style post made me want to run out to the store and purchase some quinoa, even though I have seen other delicious-sounding quinoa recipes before. Celiac in the City presents recipes and creates remarkable posts perfectly. They really speak to the reader.

So check out this beautiful blog!

NOTE: The photo is a snapshot taken from the Celiac in the City website.



Hello world, universe, and all who view this! I have been wanting to create this blog for a long time, and am so happy I finally have. I have recently fallen in love with baking….specifically gluten free baking, because I found out I have celiacs disease three years ago. I wanted this blog to share my discoveries–recipes, ideas, photos, and whatever else I may want to share. Being gluten free is not as big a pain to me as with some people, mostly because I don’t like sweets (believe it or not). But also because I had already been eating a lot of gluten free foods anyway. My mission now is finding the best replacements for the few foods I do miss. My first two recipes were biscuits and goldfish…and my entire family (not gluten free) LOVED them! Now I hope I can share my recipes with others. Because the life of a celiac can be delicious.