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Celiac in the City


Today I discovered a great gluten free blog, Celiac in the City. I spent about a half hour browsing through all the wonderful posts. There are amazing recipes, tips, reviews, and pictures. This is a great, simple blog that has so much to offer. I love the detailed photos and thoughful comments, as well as the Dining Out page. This is definitely a blog I will be following.

Celiac in the City skillfully posts about everything. The recipes make my mouth water and, as cliche as it sounds, they make me want to try new things. For example, the Quinoa Cakes – Pizza Style post made me want to run out to the store and purchase some quinoa, even though I have seen other delicious-sounding quinoa recipes before. Celiac in the City presents recipes and creates remarkable posts perfectly. They really speak to the reader.

So check out this beautiful blog!

NOTE: The photo is a snapshot taken from the Celiac in the City website.

Gluten-free and vegan veggie chips


120 calories per serving, no saturated or trans fat, 0 cholesterol, only 3% sodium, more than half of the carbs are fiber, 4 grams protein. These are the real deal all-natural snacks veggie chips.

You know you are about to indulge in a guilt-free, delicious snack when the first ingredient listed is green peas. Do not let this fact deter you, for these all-natural, gluten-free, vegan veggie chips are truly amazing. They are my new favorite snack. As shown in the picture, these chips are so much healthier than regular potato chips, or other veggie chips. The only fat in these chips is the “good kind” of fat. As an added plus, each bag is one and a half servings of vegetables! That was what shocked me most. These veggie chips are light and crisp, a very satisfying snack or lunch accompaniment.

These gluten-free veggie chips are crunchy and satisfying. They are filling for a chip snack and a food I would recommend any day. You can eat so many for just a small amount of calories. So go indulge in some of these delicious chips, you won’t regret it!

Taste Unlimited: Shop Review


Today I remembered a great little shop I used to love (still love), Taste Unlimited. This shop is located by Virginia Beach, and it is always the place my family goes when we go down to the beach….. I loved it before and after I became gluten-free. In my gluten days, I would get the most amazing turkey, mozzarella cheese, and lettuce sandwich. It is the best mozzarella cheese I have ever tasted, the turkey is so succulent and perfect, and the lettuce is noticeably fresh. There are so many options to cheese from, both with bread and fillings.

When we went to VA beach for the first time since I discovered my celiac disease, I was so disappointed and upset that I would no longer be able to enjoy one of my favorite food shops. When we drove to Taste Unlimited after spending the first half of the day at the beach, I hung back as everyone ordered over the counter. I gave my mom a look and she asked the employee if the shop had any gluten-free options by any chance. I was hopeful, but his simple apology confirmed what I had expected moments before. However, he thought a moment and asked me what kind of sandwich I liked. I told him and he told us to wait a moment. He promptly set to work making a sandwich for me, but instead of bread, he skillfully wrapped the turkey and cheese in huge lettuce leaves and handed me the wrap, smiling. I was stunned at his kindness, and thanked him, smiling myself.

Taste Unlimited’s service is great, friendly, and fast. It is not overly expensive and easy to spot due to the bright store colors, yellow and white. Along with over-the-counter food service, the majority of the shop is actually a shop, with refrigerated sections filled with drinks, shelves stocked with chips, snacks, and other foods, and gift items.

This shop inspired me to make my own lettuce wraps ever since, because they are just so delicious. And although I can make a pretty yummy replica, it doesn’t beat the original spur-of-the-moment lettuce wrap.

Top photo from Taste Unlimited’s website.