Beach Blog Break


I know this post is not truly necessary, but I just wanted to let any readers out there know that I will not be posting for at least a week, because I am going out-of-town to the BEACH! Hopefully I will post in the following week. While I’m on the topic of not being able to post…I am tremendously sorry to say I will not be able to post for most of the summer after that, because I will be out-of-town without computer access. So I hope that everyone has a bright, sunny, and cheerful summer and that you get some delicious and wonderful cooking squeezed in!

Some quick summer to-do’s:

  • Have a cook-out…can’t go wrong there. Have some friends and neighbors over and grill some yummy food. You could also try out some recipes on your friends and family!
  • Spend a day at the beach…if you live close to one, it’s always fun to just pack the car, spend a day on the beach, and come home at night.
  • Go outside…simple and vague, but I mean just that. Summer is so nice, so don’t waste any spare moments you have. Ride a bike, take a walk, have a picnic, get together with old friends, whatever. Just enjoy the sunshine and warm weather!

Happy Summer!


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