Upcoming Recipes and a Delicious Idea


This week and weekend, I have some great ideas and recipes planned. I’m just going to get straight to it. My top recipe at the moment that I want to make is a new pizza recipe, using Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix. I am so excited! However, I also have been thinking a bunch, and I really want to try to create my own original pizza crust recipe. Using that, I have a great recipe idea or two that may or may not involve some form of mini pizzas…We’ll see. Sticking on the pizza path, I also want to make one of my favorite quick and delicious meals, pizza paninis, a recipe I have made multiple times and the past and can’t wait to post about. Lastly on the pizza trail is a recipe called Portabella Pizzas, which aren’t really pizzas, but there are pizza parts involved!

Moving away from the realm of pizza, I really want to make either my own cheese muffins or my popover recipe (which I think is finally complete and ready to try out). Then the last, but not least, recipe on my list is a recent creation/idea that I have referred to as Egg(y) Pancakes. Do not let the name deter you!

I cannot wait to get posting this week. Look forward to some great recipes and PICTURES (I promise I will have some).


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