Simply Cucumbers!


I’ve mentioned before how one of my favorite snacks are a few cucumbers with some sea salt. Well here is a post and some pics dedicated to them. This is something that can be done in seconds, and something you can pig out on without having that guilty I-just-ate-so-much feeling. This is most likely the simplest recipe you will find on my blog. Do not pass it up just because it is green and healthy. Cucumbers are actually so delicious!

Your only ingredients: A cucumber and some sea salt.

Your only instructions: Slice cucumbers, sprinkle a tiny pinch of salt over each cucumber, and enjoy!

Delicious. Do-able. DONE.

(The salt in the picture above is regular table salt…I was out of sea salt when I had these, and I have to say the sea salt makes a difference. I highly recommend you use it if you can.)

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