Grilled Cheese Bites


Today I was sitting on my bed, doing nothing, when a recipe idea hit me: grilled cheese bites. I know I probably say this nearly every other recipe, but this time I mean it when I say, grilled cheeses are actually one of my absolute favorite foods. If someone told me out of the blue that I would be forced to eat grilled cheeses for lunch or dinner every day, I doubt I would be disappointed. I can’t explain my love of grilled cheeses. Is it their simplicity? Their cheesiness? The satisfying, buttery crunch of toasted bread with cheese? I don’t know, but I love everything about this delicious food.

So why not make a recipe for them? What if this tasty meal could become a snack item? An appetizer? So I decided to try something out. All you will need is: 2 pieces of GF bread (I prefer Udis), sliced/block cheese, butter (to taste/preference). Just as if you were making a regular grilled cheese. Now, there are two options to cook these.

#1: Simply make a grilled cheese and cut it into 2×2 or 3×3 squares once finished (you can also cut first and cook second).

#2: Add cheese to bread and cut into 4 or 9 pieces (2×2 or 3×3). Butter and cook in a) a grilled cheese maker or b) a panini maker (I like to do this one).

Voila! I guess these aren’t exactly snacks, but they would make a delicious appetizer if you shared them, because otherwise you’re still eating a whole grilled cheese. But you can always use as much bread/cheese as you want and you could make a large platter of grilled cheese bites for any occasion. Anyway, these were a delicious success!

Lastly, I combined these with my previous post/recipe – homemade tortilla chips– and cut up some cucumbers (already eaten). Today was a great lunch, I’d have to say!

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