Peanut Butter (or Cheese) Wrap


Sandwiches for lunch are great. They are fast, easy, and they can be varied in an infinite amount of ways…but sometimes you just want something different. I admit, I don’t vary my lunch a whole lot, but sometimes I like to mix it up. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I love the La Tortilla Factory tortillas. They are great pretty much anything. I make quesadillas, pizzas, chips, and more with this tortilla. I to make chicken and lettuce wraps for dinner, too. But another, simpler thing I sometimes make is a peanut butter wrap. And guess what? There are only 2 ingredients…tortilla and peanut butter! I am not going to include any ingredients or instructions except: 1 tortilla, however much pb you want, spread pb on tortilla and roll it up. DONE. It is so good. This with a simple salad is one of my favorite lunches that can easily be whipped up in just a minute or two. Does a simple pb wrap have to be more complicated than that?

This recipe is one anyone could make…I don’t even know if I would call it a recipe. I am just posting it to get the idea out into the world. Sometimes simple and delicious is the best way to go, and people just need a nudge in the right direction.

ALSO, I love to cut up some cheese and put it on the tortilla, stick it in the microwave, and have just a simple cheese wrap (I sometimes add some chicken/lettuce to this as well).

 +   = delicious!

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