Simple Salad


Salads are great as appetizers, a main course, or a snack to munch on. I love them–caesar salads especially. But I also love throwing everything healthy and green in my fridge together. Salads are so easy and delicious, not to mention healthy. One of favorite snacks is actually a dozen cucumber slices lightly salted. Cucumbers specifically are a fave of mine. There is nothing better than sitting down and just snacking, but not feeling bad about it afterwards.

Anyway, here is my typical salad:

  • Fresh lettuce leaves (not bagged salad)
  • Red and yellow pepper
  • Cucumbers
  • Some sort of nut (almonds or pecans)
  • GF homemade crutons
  • *Some ingredients I’ve used in the past, but just not regularly include: apples, avocado, parmesan cheese, and goat cheese, but you can add any additional items you want
  • *Chicken, cold or heated (omit for vegetarian option)
  • NOTE: I’ve never liked dressings, so going GF wasn’t hard there, but I know that there are some GF dressings out there

I plan on making one of these tomorrow, so I will post a picture then.

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