Rice Flour Crepes


I love trying variations of recipes–both simple and complex, whether it is changing one small detail or a large portion of the recipe. I think it is so fun and enjoyable to mess around and experiment with recipes and food. I am learning that to create my own recipes, I need to be flexible and willing to change other recipes as well. Adapting recipes is a great skill, in my mind, especially when converting a gluten recipe to a gluten free recipe (I am actually working on one of these, and I hope to post something this weekend…).

Recently, I made cornstarch crepes, which were simply fantastic. I mentioned in my post that it could probably be done with rice flour as well, and that is exactly what I tried this morning. I used the exact same recipe, but replaced cornstarch with brown rice flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill).

It was awesome. I have to say that I kind of liked the taste of the rice flour crepes better, but  either works perfectly and I almost liked the cornstarch texture better, but that aspect is about equal. I will definitely be making these crepes again, bt I also want to make the cornstarch ones too, because both recipes are delicious. The only thing I would add to the rice flour crepes is to maybe add a little bit more milk (no more than a tablespoon), because the rice flour batter was just a tad thicker than the cornstarch. But even though the rice flour crepes this morning were thicker than I was expecting, they were still thin, and delicious!

You can find the cornstarch crepe recipe (by Gluten Free Gobsmackedhere, and simply replace cornstarch with rice flour. Otherwise, the recipe is the same (other than adding a little more milk to the rice flour crepe batter if desired, but it isn’t necessary).

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