MORE biscuits…Using GF Bisquick


By now I’m sure you have guessed: I love nothing more than a delicious biscuit breakfast! This is my third biscuit recipe, and most likely my last. It has been great comparing three amazing recipes, but hard, too, because they are all so wonderful!

This latest recipe is made using GF Bisquick and it makes about 10/11 biscuits, but it is about double Pamela’s recipe, so it is actually about the same as that first recipe. In terms of taste and satisfaction…well it’s been a tough choice. Pamela’s, cornstarch/flour, Biscuick. I will still say that I have loved my made-from-scratch biscuits, because, well, they’re made from scratch. I love making something that is all me. It’s so much more satisfactory.

If I’m making a quick morning meal, I would probably use half this recipe, using 1 egg. Also, I left out the garlic powder in this recipe. This was a great treat to have when I was rushed one morning and was out of cereal. I had bought the Bisquick hoping I might try these biscuits, but unsure about them because of some of the reviews I’d read. However, I thought they were perfectly fine.

I would have to say (though they were delicious) this wasn’t my favorite biscuit recipe. It does not make as many as I would like and is very expensive for such a small box. They were also just the tiniest bit too sweet for my taste. I think if I ever purchase GF Bisquick, I will stick to making pancakes (but even for that, I have better mixes.) So while it is a great, easy-to-work-with and tasty product, I have to say I prefer others. But overall, the finished procuct was great!

It is a very close call between Pamela’s and Scratch biscuits. I honestly don’t think I could give a true response to which a preferred…they are both very different. Pamela’s are light, buttery, soft (with a slight outer crunch) and have just the tiniest hint of sweetness that appeals even to me and adds to the overall flavor. They are superb. The made-from scratch biscuits have a more corny, almost starchy (but delicious) flavor. They are not bland at all and have a great texture. In terms of taste and texture, I would say Pamela’s is just a tiny bit better. Unfortunately, the recipe does not make as many biscuits as the Scratch ones (I will probably double the recipe next time), which make more than twice as many. I just want to emphasize: although I have chosen Pamela’s, it was a close call, and I will definitely be making the Scratch ones again as well (soon, I hope).

For the Bisquick recipe, click HERE.


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