Rice Chex Bread Crumbs?


I have recently been looking into good gluten free bread crumbs. My first option was glutino, only because that was the only kind I knew of. My second idea was to crumble a piece of my GF bread loaf, which did not exactly appeal to me either. I searched the web hoping for a simple solution. And boy did I luck out.

About half of what I read had the same suggestion: Rice Chex cereal. And guess what? That just so happens to be the cereal I use anyway. It is quite simple…put Rice Chex in a zipblock bag and cruch with a rolling pin (or really any solid, smooth, round surface, like a cup).

So, if you need a breading substitution, I recomend this. It is easy and cheaper than buying actual GF bread crumbs. I have yet to try this, but I am almost 100% certain it will be satisfactory, since the cereal is great and it can be crushed incredibly fine. One recipe I’ve really been wanting to try id GF mozzarella sticks, so I will try the Rice Chex crumbs with that and see how it goes! I can’t wait to update!

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