Biscuits from Scratch


I love my first Pamela’s biscuit recipe, but I’ve also really been wanting to make some from scratch. Not with some premade mix (even though Pamela’s biscuits were delicious!), but making it all. Then I discovered a simple-looking recipe on a website called For a while, I’ve had all the ingredients I needed except cornstarch, and I finally bought some! It wasn’t until I had gotten halfway through the recipe that I was also out of buttermilk (as well as the ingredients to make a buttermilk substitute). In the end, I just used 1 cup skim milk, hoping there wouldn’t be much of a difference.

I made the drop biscuit, because let’s face it: I’m too lazy to find a cookie cutter and do all that extra stuff that does nothing except give the biscuit a slightly different appearance. When they finished cooking, I was so excited to try one that a ate a piece before letting them cool, burning my mouth. But, it was worth it, because the milk didn’t seem to make the biscuits non-delicious. At first I thought they may be a little starchy, but after a second thought and just a dab of butter, the thought completely left my head.

Although there are quite a few ingredients, they are easy to find and work with, and the biscuits only take 15 minutes to cook. Overall, it’s a pretty easy recipe. And a yummy one. Find this delicious recipe HERE.

These were a great success, and everyone really liked them (although we’re not sure they’re better than Pamela’s). I pretty much made the recipe exactly as written on the website I found it on. The only major change is that I used tin foil instead of parchment paper, but I don’t really think that counts. Some people complain that rice flour doesn’t brown well, and while this is true in many cases, these biscuits browned on top wonderfully.

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