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“Goldfish” Part 2 – Pictures!


Today I made my favorite snack, again. If you remeber, this recipe is made in 4 batches. In the first batch, I made them thinner than I had the first time I made this recipe, wondering if I could get it to be like a crunchy goldfish or cheeze-it. However, After I had tried a couple, I realized I like the ones that aren’t quite as done and that have a little puff (a slight crunch, but not crunchy. The other three batches were perfect, and now I know the perfect way to cook my “goldfish.” (Find my original post here and the recipe here at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom.)

Also, after the discovery of my perfect cracker, I wondered if I could cook the 4 balls of dough into cheese rolls (or 8 smaller ones). Just something to try/think about…

Below I have a few pictures from my second round of “goldfish.” Some are of the crackers just put in the oven, and some are the finished product (nom nom nom!). The oven pictures are each 1 dough ball. The last picture is of (part of) the fourth batch in a zipblock bag. These delicious snacks taste great fresh, but they are also perfect for saving for later. Note: I have only saved these for the following day, so I don’t know exactly how long they will keep for.


MORE biscuits…Using GF Bisquick


By now I’m sure you have guessed: I love nothing more than a delicious biscuit breakfast! This is my third biscuit recipe, and most likely my last. It has been great comparing three amazing recipes, but hard, too, because they are all so wonderful!

This latest recipe is made using GF Bisquick and it makes about 10/11 biscuits, but it is about double Pamela’s recipe, so it is actually about the same as that first recipe. In terms of taste and satisfaction…well it’s been a tough choice. Pamela’s, cornstarch/flour, Biscuick. I will still say that I have loved my made-from-scratch biscuits, because, well, they’re made from scratch. I love making something that is all me. It’s so much more satisfactory.

If I’m making a quick morning meal, I would probably use half this recipe, using 1 egg. Also, I left out the garlic powder in this recipe. This was a great treat to have when I was rushed one morning and was out of cereal. I had bought the Bisquick hoping I might try these biscuits, but unsure about them because of some of the reviews I’d read. However, I thought they were perfectly fine.

I would have to say (though they were delicious) this wasn’t my favorite biscuit recipe. It does not make as many as I would like and is very expensive for such a small box. They were also just the tiniest bit too sweet for my taste. I think if I ever purchase GF Bisquick, I will stick to making pancakes (but even for that, I have better mixes.) So while it is a great, easy-to-work-with and tasty product, I have to say I prefer others. But overall, the finished procuct was great!

It is a very close call between Pamela’s and Scratch biscuits. I honestly don’t think I could give a true response to which a preferred…they are both very different. Pamela’s are light, buttery, soft (with a slight outer crunch) and have just the tiniest hint of sweetness that appeals even to me and adds to the overall flavor. They are superb. The made-from scratch biscuits have a more corny, almost starchy (but delicious) flavor. They are not bland at all and have a great texture. In terms of taste and texture, I would say Pamela’s is just a tiny bit better. Unfortunately, the recipe does not make as many biscuits as the Scratch ones (I will probably double the recipe next time), which make more than twice as many. I just want to emphasize: although I have chosen Pamela’s, it was a close call, and I will definitely be making the Scratch ones again as well (soon, I hope).

For the Bisquick recipe, click HERE.


Almost Chex Mix


Chex mix has never been “my thing.” My family just never bought it and it wasn’t a snack a ever craved. However, upon turning GF, I thought it might make a fun, easy snack idea. Before I go any further, I feel obligated to say that this isn not a fancy, complicated recipe. It does not include seasonings or even baking. It is simply an ametuer mix of food and salt. Nevertheless, I think it is nice to have a readily available snack mix, no matter how simple (I don’t think this is really a bad thing…). Just knowing that you can make something quick and easy like this is reassuring, I think!

The only thing that I do not have a substitute ingredient for is the bagel chip. I hope to look into that more, as it makes a nice crunchy treat on its own. You could probably just find a favorite dough (any sort of bread-type recipe), cut it very thin, and bake it so that it becomes a chip. This is merely an idea…if anyone tries it, I’d love to hear about it!


  • 2 cup rice chex cereal
  • 2 cup corn chex cereal
  • 1 cup pretzels (I use glutino)
  • 1/2 cup mixed nuts
  • 3/4 tsp salt (optional; I won’t add it)

Instructions are to mix all the foods together and sprinkle in salt, mixing until evenly distributed.

Now enjoy the simple deliciousness of almost chex mix!

Rice Chex Bread Crumbs?


I have recently been looking into good gluten free bread crumbs. My first option was glutino, only because that was the only kind I knew of. My second idea was to crumble a piece of my GF bread loaf, which did not exactly appeal to me either. I searched the web hoping for a simple solution. And boy did I luck out.

About half of what I read had the same suggestion: Rice Chex cereal. And guess what? That just so happens to be the cereal I use anyway. It is quite simple…put Rice Chex in a zipblock bag and cruch with a rolling pin (or really any solid, smooth, round surface, like a cup).

So, if you need a breading substitution, I recomend this. It is easy and cheaper than buying actual GF bread crumbs. I have yet to try this, but I am almost 100% certain it will be satisfactory, since the cereal is great and it can be crushed incredibly fine. One recipe I’ve really been wanting to try id GF mozzarella sticks, so I will try the Rice Chex crumbs with that and see how it goes! I can’t wait to update!

Regular, Tortilla, or Quesadilla Pizza


I love pizza. I haven’t had to bother with finding pizza recipes because I’ve lucked out in the frozen section of the grocery store! But, there is just something about making your own food that is so fun and cool and…satisfying. When you’re eating it, you can think, I made this! I love that feeling.

Regular Ol’ Pizza

I have been scoring the internet for easy, yeast-free pizza crust recipes, and I finally found one HERE, at (my ‘original’ tag does not apply to this recipe, just the others). It’s gotten great reviews, minus one complaint about there not being enough flour and too much salt, but that is easily fixable and all the other 20 reviews said they loved the recipe. So I was siked to try it.

I doubt I will make this recipe again.

I had cut the pizza into 4 quarters. It looked amazing. I was so hungry when it was ready, and I ate one piece which was great. Then a started a second. I got to the crust edge and stopped, because it was starting to taste funky. I took a bite out of a third piece and stopped there. I had taken the advice of one comment from the webpage I got this from and used 3/4 cups of rice flour. Probably my first mistake. I also used a 10-in pizza pan because I lacked the 12-in one called for in the recipe, and I don’t think the pizza cooked completely. Mistake #2. Maybe that was what made my pizza too thick and chewy. Lastly, though I used the amount of spices called for in the recipe, perhaps I should have used a little less…Even though I was probably the cause of my first cooking disaster (well, it wasn’t totally horrible), it just helped me for in the future.

Honestly, I would still recommend that you at least try this. It doesn’t use a large amount of supplies, so if it’s bad, you won’t be wasting much. All I can say is you do not need more flour; the runny batter will turn out great. Also I would try to find the appropriate pan size so the crust isn’t too thick and cooks all the way through.

So let me rephrase my earlier comment: I do want to make this recipe again, because it was ok, and I would love to make it right and have a good pizza recipe up my sleeve. Although I enjoy my tortilla pizza, I would still like to find a thin GF (preferably yeast-free) pizza crust recipe, because like I said, nothing beats something you’ve made yourself from scratch.

Tortilla Pizza

Next, an easy-peasy pizza recipe that I whipped together. I came up with this before I was able to find a yeast-free pizza recipe (and will now revert back to it if I ever feel the need to make my own pizza), and the recipe I created used tortillas. Yes, the crust is simply a tortilla. Like my breakfast pizza/quesadilla, this recipe can be made into a regular, very thin tortilla pizza, or you can go ahead and make it quesadilla style (I particularly love this because it’s different and delicious).

Ingredients: (amounts may vary depending on tortilla size; I use about 12-inch tortillas)

  • 1 tortilla
  • 1/2 cup your choice of shredded cheese
  • 2 tbsp Pizza sauce
  • Additional optional toppings: pepperonis, pepper, mushrooms, etc


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Cover tortilla with a thin layer of sauce (within an inch of the edge), and sprinkle/add cheese on top. Add any desired, additional toppings (precook raw meats).
  • Bake for 10-14 minutes (bake 13 or 14 for a crispier, darker crust).
  • Let cool slightly, cut, and serve.

You could also cook your tortilla pizza in a frying pan/skillet, but I have yet to try this myself.

For PIZZA QUESADILLA: Prepare the same way as a tortilla pizza, except you may want to add a little bit more fillings, then top with a second tortilla. To make, lightly grease a frying pan/skillet with olive oil an dpreheat pan over medium high to high heat. Carefully place the quesadilla on the pan and let it cook for a few minutes, until the cheese is melting and a little steam is rising from the edges. Use a spatula to lift the quesadilla, which should be browning slightly. Carefully flip the quesadilla and cook the other side until it has browned and the fillings are melted/cooked.

One last pizza note: if I don’t have time or am simply too lazy, a frozen pizza isn’t horrible. In fact, they can be delicious. My favorites are Glutino’s duo cheese pizza and Amy’s cheese pizza.

Wow…Mac N’ Cheese


I know I said spoon bread is my fave, but I had forgotten about mac and cheese. It’s good for anytime, anywhere, anybody (unless you’re allergic to dairy or something, but anyway…). I have found some pretty good frozen mac n’ cheeses, and have loved Annie’s gluten free mac and cheese, but I really wanted to try my own.

So I did.

It took a while to find just the right recipe, but when I finally did, I could not wait to make it! I made this with a friend and we had a blast. I think it was very helpful to have two people preparing this dish because there are a lot of steps going on at once, but I’m sure it could be done just as well solo. We didn’t want to cook the mac and cheese in the oven when it was time, because the cheese sauce alone was so good, and we kept sneeking bites. But once it was in, we were excited. My friend is not gluten free, but she wasn’t hesitant or reluctant at all to try a gluten free recipe. When we took our first bites, we both just looked at each other and thought Oh my gosh, because it was amazing! My sister walked in, saw the dish, grabbed a fork, took a bite, and sat down, asking to be served. Ten minutes later, my whole family was with us, eating our mac n’ cheese! Talk about satisfaction and a job well done!

I owe this incredible dish to musings of a housewife, a great gluten free blog I have discovered and love. This definitely one of my top favorite recipes; it is beyond delicious. I loved mac and cheese before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had any as delectible as this blog’s mac and cheese. The only change I made to the recipe was using brown rice flour instead of all-purpose flour.

I highly recommend doubling this recipe, because it will disappear in a flash. I know I will definitely do this next time (don’t forget to use a bigger casserole dish as well). The only disappointment I faced with this recipe was when I realized I would have no leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day, but that’s the life of an amateur chef!

Baked Cheese Grits


Naturally gluten free, I have wanted to make some good, homemade, real cheese grits for a while. As in mix a ton with cheese and bake it in the oven. That is what I call delicious. Grits are good, but add cheese and they’re great. Especially baked. And this morning I wasn’t very hungry, so I didn’t mind waiting an hour or so, but I did want something new and yummy: baked cheese grits.

Although this recipe takes a while, it is very easy and straightforward. I enjoy everything about it: the texture, taste, appearance, smell. I honestly thought about naming this blog something having to do with cheese, because it is actually my ultimate favorite food, and so many of my recipes use it.

I wish I could say this was an original recipe, but it is not. I got it from BUT, I do know that in the past, at some point, my family has made our own homemade cheese grits. I just have not been able to uncover it. But, after trying this recipe, I’m not in as big a hurry to discover another.

I will say this: if you have a big saucepan, use it. I could only find a medium-sized one, and while it worked perfectly and just fine, the milk just took a long time to boil. But other than that, I had no qualms whatsoever! So check out these yummy gluten free baked cheese grits at the link above.

One last note: this recipe says to serve immediately, but I found that if you wait 15 minutes or so, it sets much better, is still warm, and has a much better texture.

Biscuits from Scratch


I love my first Pamela’s biscuit recipe, but I’ve also really been wanting to make some from scratch. Not with some premade mix (even though Pamela’s biscuits were delicious!), but making it all. Then I discovered a simple-looking recipe on a website called For a while, I’ve had all the ingredients I needed except cornstarch, and I finally bought some! It wasn’t until I had gotten halfway through the recipe that I was also out of buttermilk (as well as the ingredients to make a buttermilk substitute). In the end, I just used 1 cup skim milk, hoping there wouldn’t be much of a difference.

I made the drop biscuit, because let’s face it: I’m too lazy to find a cookie cutter and do all that extra stuff that does nothing except give the biscuit a slightly different appearance. When they finished cooking, I was so excited to try one that a ate a piece before letting them cool, burning my mouth. But, it was worth it, because the milk didn’t seem to make the biscuits non-delicious. At first I thought they may be a little starchy, but after a second thought and just a dab of butter, the thought completely left my head.

Although there are quite a few ingredients, they are easy to find and work with, and the biscuits only take 15 minutes to cook. Overall, it’s a pretty easy recipe. And a yummy one. Find this delicious recipe HERE.

These were a great success, and everyone really liked them (although we’re not sure they’re better than Pamela’s). I pretty much made the recipe exactly as written on the website I found it on. The only major change is that I used tin foil instead of parchment paper, but I don’t really think that counts. Some people complain that rice flour doesn’t brown well, and while this is true in many cases, these biscuits browned on top wonderfully.

Breakfast Idea


I’ve really wanted to try to make some sort of breakfast casserole. With eggs, cheese, chicken, and some sort of potato. Something simple. I hope to post something soon!

I also really want to try making crepes…but I’m so bad at turning thin foods over in my pan…even omelets! Well, I won’t go down without a fight.